Jim Piccolo – The trend setter

Jim Piccolo has done various experiments with his work and business and has tried to do something better than the other every time which he has very well justified as well.

However, the success that he has achieved has never made him arrogant. In contrast, he has always shown gratitude and humbleness towards his peers and associates which is truly noteworthy.

His words are his power and the way he presents it makes it even much powerful which clearly shows his expressing acumen and have impressed a lot of crowd around the world.

It’s not only his dreams that has made him famous but the way he realizes those dreams have established his name among the trendsetters.

I am not flaunting about his endeavours but the entire nation and many others around the globe are very much aware of the work that he has accomplished.

His notion of an efficacious career is not limited to the course book or the paths that has already been defeated but he believes in finding his own ways.

Behind the walls of finish line, there is always a new start and this same philosophy has led him to go further in his career when everyone stopped and it really served him well.

Nouveau Riche University

I was never over estimating Jim Piccolo’s worth and his insight can better be judged by the way he handled the downfall of real estate business.

While everyone started taking out money that they invested in Real estate because of its collapse, Jim Piccolo founded Nouveau Riche University.

You heard it right, he not only founded it but made it a huge success. This university was way beyond the old setups and harvested the tools among the youths for a bright future in real estate industry.

The classroom was interactive and students were free to choose the way they wanted to learn which means selecting own assignments and often accessing them on their own.

It is hard to trust but he made it possible and it only happened because he trusted his idea.

Help4Teenz program

He also started Help4Teenz Program or Foundation.

This program helps understand the connection between the career that one followed before and the industry he wants to get into now.

He abolished the thinking of staying in one industry for a better future and gave them the courage to try what attracts them more.

It also guided youth about anger-management, leadership-development, and other tutorials, to instil the positive behaviour among them.

He again set the trend to start fresh whenever you feel so and follow your passion with all your strength and his universities and seminars always guided individuals for the same.

Bizzibiz – The Franchise 

We have come across various franchise, either food, education or logistic but Digital marketing was a very new idea that was not at all tested before by anyone else.

By Initializing Bizzibiz, he given new and small businesses the opportunity to find the best digital marketing solution without having to struggle.

And its success is an example of his vision and uncanny abilities which has helped him find new prospects and made them a hit.

His Philosophy of giving back

This is quite a new way of explaining the meaning of charity.

Jim Piccolo has pointed the true sense of charity that should be considered as responsibility and not favour and he is doing it himself since the time he started earning.

He has stated many times that whatever we earn or the profit we make, is not only our hard work but a lot others are responsible in the journey and once we achieve that success, we should show our gratefulness by giving it back to them in any way possible.

Jim Piccolo is successful but at the same time understands the responsibility that it entails and never fails to accomplish it.

His work and success story are not only inspirational but has set many trends that were never considered before and hence it would not be an overstatement to say that he soon will make history the way he is progressing.